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iModela Creator Design (Included)
iModela Creator Design
iModela Creator Design Software is included when you purchase the iModela, making it a complete system for producing a wide range of items, from charms, pendants and key chains to small figurines and accessories.

iModela Creator allows users to create and mill shapes, holes and patterns with precision straight from the box. Free-hand drawing tools are available so users can sketch out more complex ideas. With iModela Creator, users can either download a file or create original 2D designs. Intuitive menus and icons make design production easy, even for novice users, and with the freely downloadable Modela player 4, 3D models can be created in a few simple steps. Once the milling material is loaded, the iModela produces the design in precise detail.
Modela Player 4 (Download Included)
Modela Player 4
Modela Player 4 software is available as a free download when you purchase the iModela. Modela Player 4 sets up tools, materials and machining strategies that make it simple to make 3D parts from any CAD software which produces stl. files, eg., SolidWorks, Pro/desktop, Inventor, Rhinoceros, etc.
Virtual Modela (Included)
Virtual Modela
Virtual Modela is included with the iModela package and works with Modela Player or 3D Engrave to provide a start-to-finish simulation of the machining routine. Starting with a blank material block, the simulation provides an animated on-screen display of tool movement and material removal. The resulting ‘virtual’ model can then be rendered using wood grain or metallic effects or bitmap overlays. Zoom and rotate tools allow the viewing angle to be altered and lighting effects can be added. The image can then be saved as a bitmap to include in documentation. Virtual Modela provides an accurate estimate of machining time so gives a simple way to verify both the shape and finish of the final model and the machining process.
3D Engrave (Download Included)
3D Engrave
3D Engrave software is included when you purchase the iModela. This handy package allows you to create simple 3D forms for machining if a full 3D CAD modelling package is not available or not needed. 3D Engrave will accept a variety of data formats including bitmap images. Once imported, areas of the design can be assigned a 3D effect that relates to the cutting depth. This means that photo-images can be engraved according to image density to enable fascinating, almost holographic, relief images to be produced. 2D data can also be imported and areas assigned 3D effects selected from a menu. These can include pockets and profiles which can be ‘tuned’ to include tapers, fillets and chamfers. 3D Engrave outputs the shapes created as toolpaths ready for iModela to work.
iModela Controller (Included)
iModela Controller
iModela Controller is included when you purchase the iModela. This provides a clear on-screen control panel to set-up and manually control your iModela.
ClickMILL (Download Included)
ClickMill software is available as a free download when you purchase the iModela. It allows you to easily round edges, add pockets and holes and add last minute modifications, all without your CAD software.
SF Edit 2 (Included)
SF Edit 2
SF Edit 2 software converts any standard TrueType or Outline font into a ‘Stroke Font’ (or Single Line Font) which usually gives better results for engraving. Standard fonts comprise an outline or border which is filled – both outline and fill are usually black so this feature is seldom apparent. In a standard font, the outline only will be engraved which will result in a double line and lack of clarity. SF Edit 2 calculates the mid-point of the filled area and places a single cutting path at this point.
TechSoft Design V3 (Additional Software)
TechSoft created TechSoft Design V3 (formerly called 2D Design V2) for users who require sophisticated drawing and design features, but don’t want to spend a lifetime learning to use them. Although designed with professional capability, its ease of use means that TechSoft Design is the CAD standard for the vast majority of UK secondary schools. Whether you need to produce traditional engineering drawings, colourful ‘free-form’ designs, or smart graphical presentation sheets, TechSoft Design V3 has been carefully developed to give you all the tools you need – and all in one place. A key feature of TechSoft Design V3 is the high level of integration that has been built in between the output device and the drawing stages of design. When starting a drawing you will typically set your page size to suit the machine you will be using - for the iModela this means setting a workpiece 86 x 55mm. When ready to output to Roland machines including the iModela, there is one simple machine-specific dialog box to deal with and no tedious post-processing to confuse matters. Unlike many CAD packages, TechSoft Design V3 has a simple desktop that lets learners start with basic tools, adding new tools as their confidence grows.

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