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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the recommended specifications for the computer?
A: Computer requirements are:
Operating System (OS): Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit versions)
CPU/Memory (RAM): Core 2 Duo/1GB or more
Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive
Video card and monitor: Resolution: 1280 x 1024 and 16bit color or more recommended
Connectivity: USB
Q: Can this be used with a Mac?
A: This cannot be used with a Mac.
Q: About how much space is needed for the iModela (main unit)?
A: 214 mm (width) x 200 mm (depth) x 205 mm (height) (external dimensions of the main unit)
Q: What size material can be handled?
A: The material size can be up to 86 mm (width) x 55 mm (depth) x 26 mm (height).
Q: Can cutting data be easily created?
A: With the bundled iModela Creator software, data can easily be created.

In addition, complex 3D data can be created using commercially available 3D CAD software, eg., SolidWorks, Pro/Desktop, Inventor. In this case, knowledge of the cutting process and familiarity with the software are required.
Q: Can 3D CAD software be purchased?
A: SOLIDWORKS software is available from TechSoft. See SOLIDWORKS.
Q: What file formats can be read using MODELA Player 4, CAM software designed specifically for the iModela?
A:Files with the IGES, DXF (3D), STL and MODELA Player (ver. 3 or later) formats can be read.

IGES: IGES 5.2 (Surface only. Solid and 2D diagrams cannot be read.)
(*IGES data exported from Dr. PICZA ver. 2.90 or earlier cannot be read.)

DXF: AutoCAD(R) Release 12J (3D faces and polylines can be read. With polylines, only 3D mesh and polymesh can be read; solid/2D cannot be read.)

STL: Either ASCII (text) or binary can be read.
MODELA Player: Project files of version 3 or later (models only)
(* For details, click [Open] on the File menu of MODELA Player 4, and then refer to the “File types” list.)

Compatibility with Rhinoceros®
If Rhinoceros ver. 3 or later is installed, files with formats supported by Rhinoceros can be read.
It is unnecessary to start Rhinoceros beforehand, but it must be able to run. If a hardware key (dongle) is needed, install it.
With file formats that can be read by either Rhinoceros or MODELA Player 4, the processing application can be selected.
Q: What material can be cut with iModela?
A: The materials that can be cut are plastic resins and other moulding resins. Examples include: Forex Classic, Engraving Laminates, PCB Material, Modelling Wax, Modelling Foam, Modelling Board, Food Grade Polythene, Jelutong, etc.
Q: How can maintenance parts be ordered and what is the cost?
A: Please visit the spare parts page for more information on maintenance parts and to order.
Q: Are there genuine cutting materials that can be used with iModela?
A: Please visit the tools / materials page for information and or to purchase genuine cutting materials.
Q: Can objects that exceed iModela’s operation area be cut?
A: Since MODELA Player 4, CAM software is designed specifically for the iModela, it has functions for enlarging/reducing an imported shape as well as divided cutting, a shape whose size exceeds the operation area can be divided and cut separately. In addition, if data that exceeds the operation area of iModela is sent, operation stops at the boundary of the operation area. Operation restarts after operation area data is received.
Q: Can holes be cut with iModela?
A: This can be done with the bundled iModela Creator software or with ClickMILL which can be downloaded free of charge.
Q: How do I clean the iModela?
A: The iModela requires frequent cleaning. See video below:
Q: How do I replace the maintenance parts when required?
A: iModela maintenance such as replacement of parts, etc. can be carried out independently by the customer please see support for videos on how this can be carried out.
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